Wilsonart® Quartz Countertops

Your kitchen and bathrooms are crucial rooms in your home, and the countertops in these spaces often serve as the main focal points. When it comes to finding a countertop option that offers both stunning aesthetics and long-lasting durability, you can trust in the quality of Wilsonart® quartz surfaces. The countertops are crafted using a combination of natural quartz crystals, polymer resins, and pigments, resulting in a centerpiece that’s sure to surpass your expectations.

Benefits of Wilsonart® Countertops

Stunning Designs

At the heart of Wilsonart®’s quartz collections lies a commitment to design versatility. Regardless of your personal style preferences, our collections offer a wide range of shapes, colors, and patterns to complement your favorite spaces beautifully. Whether you prefer a nature-inspired aesthetic, a look that mimics the natural veining of granite or marble, or something entirely unique, they have a quartz surface to meet your needs.

Fortified Durability

Wilsonart® countertops offer both durability and aesthetic appeal, thanks to their use of engineered quartz, one of the strongest materials found on Earth. You can enjoy the benefits of a surface that resists scratches, cracks, and chips, while also benefiting from a non-porous surface that won’t absorb liquids or stains, eliminating the need for sealing. 

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Simple Maintenance

The lasting durability of Wilsonart® quartz countertops doesn’t require a rigorous maintenance routine. Instead, the countertops are incredibly easy to maintain and only require a simple wipe down with soap and water to keep them shining and stunning.

True Sustainability

As a company, Wilsonart® company holds various environmental certifications, such as NSF® and USGBC. Their quartz lines in particular have earned the Declare label LBC Red List Free status and UL GREENGUARD Gold certification for low chemical emissions. High quality, low impact.

10-Year Warranty

Holding true to their “Built to Last” commitment, Wilsonart® offers a 10-year limited warranty on their quartz countertops. Be assured that your investment is safe for years to come.

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Wilsonart® Collections Offered by Zeeland Lumber & Supply

We’re proud to partner with Wilsonart® and carry best-in-class quartz countertops to our customers. We supply all of Wilsonart®’s current quartz collections, including those listed below.

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Wilsonart®’s Calacatta collection is its most luxurious. The countertops are engineered to offer an elegant look similar to that of natural marble. When that gorgeous design is matched with engineered quartz’s great durability, you’ll be able to enjoy stunning beauty in your home’s most beloved spaces for years.

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Wilsonart®’s Home collection is a curated list of the company’s most popular residential designs. Choose from a vast range of colors, both solid and veined in pattern. Most of the Home designs are readily available in local markets, so availability is promising.

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Wilsonart®’s Select collection offers all the benefits of a Wilsonart® countertop, at an affordable cost. It showcases six beautifully veined designs, all of which are great for budget-conscious builders and remodelers. Outfit your home with a beautiful touch without breaking the bank.

Wilsonart® Design Inspiration

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