The Brand Spotlight Series was created to highlight Zeeland Lumber & Supply Partners who are dedicated to the continuous improvement of their service and quality of materials, as well as investing in innovations that support the construction industry as a whole.

This month’s Zeeland Lumber & Supply Brand Spotlight focuses on Marquis Cabinets, a long-time partner manufacturing semi-custom cabinetry designed to suit any home, any style, and any investment level. 


Who is Marquis Cabinets?

Marquis is an American-made manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience designing and developing beautifully crafted cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, offices and entertainment areas. The company was founded in 1989 with a focus on creating some of the finest cabinetry in America. Today, Marquis has expanded into 8 production facilities across Kansas and Tennessee. 

Their dedication to quality and to supporting the local economy are just two of the reasons we’re proud to partner with Marquis Cabinets. The company employs more than 700 American workers, who complete the handcrafted finishes that Marquis is so well known for. Let’s take a look at what products Marquis Cabinets manufacturers, and some of the innovations that are setting this company apart in the market:


What Products Does Marquis Cabinets Offer?

Marquis Cabinets is known for its high-quality semi-custom cabinets. They have several product lines, all manufactured using the finest hardwoods and plain-cut veneers to produce finished cabinetry built like fine furniture. Their product lines include: 


  • Classic Cabinets — This line of Marquis Cabinets offers more than 90 custom modifications. Choose from 14 different wood species, 30 different finishes, and more than 25 different door styles and drawer fronts combined. 
  • Imperial Cabinets — Marquis’ Imperial line provides the same level of customization as the Classic line, with the added quality of all hardwood stiles and rails, face frames and drawer fronts. For truly exceptional craftsmanship, Imperial Cabinets offer the best of durability and quality combined with beautiful style. 
  • Express Cabinets — Offering the same high quality as all of Marquis’ cabinetry, the Express line delivers on function and style but reduces the variety of choice for quicker decisions and quicker delivery. 


What Makes Marquis Cabinets Innovative?

In every installment of the Brand Spotlight Series, we make it a point to highlight the efforts and initiatives that set our partners apart from the competition. Here are just a few Marquis Cabinet innovations that place their business and their products at the top of the market. 


Innovative Storage Solutions

With more than 40 years in the cabinet-making industry, Marquis understands the features that homeowners want to make their kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and entertainment rooms more functional. They’ve designed an extensive list of custom storage solutions that expand the functionality of their cabinets for any homeowner. 

From pull out spice racks and pantry cabinets to filler organizers and under sink pullout features to electronic charging drawers and hidden ironing boards, Marquis Cabinets understands that the modern homeowner values customized storage that can contribute to the minimalist, uncluttered look that’s popular today. Take a look at just a few of their innovative storage solutions below, or check out their full range of capabilities on the Marquis Cabinetry website:

Marquis Cabinets storage
Marquis Cabinets hooks
Marquis Cabinet

Environmentally Friendly

Another aspect of Marquis Cabinets’ business that sets them apart from the competition is their dedication to the environment. Not only is this dedication important to the world around us, but it makes Marquis Cabinets a more attractive brand to conscious consumers who work to support companies holding their production process to a higher environmental standard. 

Marquis Cabinets has made a number of changes to its business model to ensure their work has a minimal impact on the environment. They recycle all wood waste material by producing wood pellets that can be used as an environmentally friendly fuel source. Marquis Cabinet facilities only use energy-efficient lighting, and the company provides carpooling vans in several cities to minimize their employees’ overall impact on the globe. Finally, all Marquis Cabinets are manufactured to be Carb Phase II compliant, a standard that works to reduce harmful emissions released in the manufacturing process.

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to partner with Marquis Cabinets to supply all of their cabinet lines to our clients. If you’re interested in Marquis Cabinets for your own home or for your clients, let us know. Our team of cabinet experts would be happy to show you our full line of Marquis Cabinets products and help you choose the best option for your next home or kitchen remodel.

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