Gearing up for a home remodel in the new year? Congratulations! Whether you’re planning to DIY a new deck or front door or you’re overhauling your entire kitchen, the Zeeland Lumber & Supply team is here as your resource for products and advice. Before you get started though, be sure to check out these home remodeling do’s and don’ts to make sure you get your project started off on the right foot:


DO Your Research

Before you start renovating or remodeling, it’s important to do your research. Have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to accomplish, how much you can spend, about how long it should take. Entering into your project with a budget, a clear plan, and a timeframe will help ensure your home remodeling project stays on track and doesn’t break the bank. 


DO Consider Resale Value

Some home remodeling projects are better than others. It’s true that remodeling your kitchen or bathroom will return a lot more than say, the living room or the guest room. (Check out this blog for an in-depth breakdown of the top returning home improvement projects.) That said, you don’t have to base your entire project on what will return the most money, especially if you’re not planning to move or sell. While remodels can improve your home’s resale value, the general goal is to make your home better suit your lifestyle. 


DON’T Assume That All Remodeling Projects Are DIY

There are a lot of remodeling projects that you can do yourself, but there are equally as many where it might be better, easier, and sometimes cheaper to hire a professional. In general, anything that has to do with electrical or plumbing is good to hire out. 

If you’re remodeling on a budget, you can do all of the heavy lifting in your bathroom or kitchen remodel, and then just hire in a professional to hook up appliances, make sure electrical is in order, and handle the more technical aspects that you really don’t want going wrong. While a DIY home remodeling project is always good, it’s important to remember that not all projects are suited for you, and you should ask for help if you need it. 


DO Keep Your Home’s Existing Style In Mind

It’s easy to get carried away with the picture of your ideal home when you’re just looking at your Pinterest board. It’s important to remember that your home already has a style, and you’ll want to make sure that your remodel ties into that well enough that it doesn’t seem awkward or tacked onto the rest of your house. Unless you’re remodeling your entire home, make sure elements of your existing style make it into the remodel too. That way it won’t feel like an ultra-modern kitchen was dropped into the middle of a traditional farmhouse. 


DON’T Skip Safety

Simple safety precautions, like turning off breakers, wearing safety goggles, and making sure not to overload outlets with power tools and extension cords, go a long way. Especially if you’re planning to DIY your home remodeling project, safety is a must. You won’t have any professionals on-site to help minimize or mitigate damage, so it’s important not to cut corners. 


DON’T Forget About Permits

Some home remodeling projects do require permits. Depending on where your house is located, different towns and districts have different requirements for which types of projects need permits. And some areas, like historic districts, have restrictions on the types of remodels you can complete. Before you start your home remodeling project, make sure you’ve done your research and pulled all of the necessary permits so you can complete your project without worry. 


Got a home remodeling project in mind? Stop in to one of the Zeeland Lumber & Supply locations, or give us a call at 888-772-2119. We’re here to be your project resource from start to finish. Whether you need materials or a little advice, we’d love to help. We have experts on staff, and all of the products you need from top-quality lumber to name-brand windows, doors, cabinetry, and more. 

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