Every home needs a little refresh once in a while. Whether you’re planning to sell in the next few years, or you’re hoping to make a change that will pay off for you down the road, there are plenty of home improvements that can add serious value to your home. Here are the top 5 home improvement projects that add value to your home, and some of the brands to look at when you start planning. 


Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel, when done right, can recoup up to 120 percent of your cost, which means you’d be turning a profit. That said, it can be easy to go overboard on kitchen renovations. If you’re looking to add value to your home that you can get back, it’s important to make changes that don’t update your kitchen beyond the value of your house or the market value of the rest of your neighborhood.

When you start planning that kitchen remodel, two great changes to make are paint color and upgrading to energy-efficient appliances. New paint color can make a world of difference in your kitchen, and it doesn’t cost much to do. Outdated cabinets? Paint ’em a fresh color to instantly update your kitchen, or upgrade to something buyers are sure to love, like Marquis Cabinets or Shiloh Cabinetry

Another great improvement to make is to update your kitchen appliances. Homebuyers are looking to save as much money as possible, and most know that energy-efficient appliances can save them plenty in the long run. Plus, it’s a lot easier to buy a house with brand new kitchen appliances than it is to buy a house with appliances you know you’ll have to replace. 

Another great way to upgrade the kitchen without going overboard on your remodel is to change out your countertops. If you’ve been living with laminate for a while, swapping those out for a high-end material like Cambria can go a long way to impress buyers. This switch means you don’t have to change anything about the layout or shape of your kitchen, you just add in new countertops — and buyers love new stone countertops. 


Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is another great area to spend a little money to get a big return. On average, a minor bathroom remodel can pull in a return of 102 percent, while a major bathroom remodels can recoup around 93 percent. So, if you’re looking for the most cost-effective option, a simple refresh, with a new coat of paint, maybe a new vanity, mirror, or sconces, can go a long way. 

Replace the tub for a fresher look, or even just reglaze and recaulk to make the whole thing look brand new. If you’re looking to do a serious bathroom remodel, try to think along the same lines as the kitchen remodel. If you put too much money into it — like floor-to-ceiling marble — you probably won’t see the best return. Smaller changes that boost the appearance and quality of the room as a whole can go a long way.


Energy Efficient Windows

Brand new windows can do a lot for you, and for your potential buyers. First of all, replacing all of your windows with new, energy-efficient ones can save you as much as $500 a year in utility bills. What’s more, in many areas you can actually receive a tax credit of 10 percent for the upgrade, as long as you’re choosing Energy Star-rated windows like the ones from Andersen Windows & Doors or Marvin

On average, you can expect to recoup somewhere between 60-90 percent of your costs when you sell a home with recently upgraded windows. Buyers understand the benefits of those brand new windows and are willing to pay more for them. Though you might spend a bit of money on those windows (an estimated $7,500-$10,000), the benefit of this remodel is that it doesn’t disrupt your home the way a kitchen or bathroom remodel would, and can be installed in just a few days by a team of experts. 


Deck Addition

Decks are becoming more and more popular, especially in residential areas where people want to come home and relax in their outdoor spaces. As people trend more to “stay-cations” a deck becomes even more desirable. Adding a deck can seriously improve the overall value of your home, and homeowners with new decks recoup an average of about 90 percent of the money they invested. 

For serious cachet, consider a composite option like Trex decking. Its smooth, attractive appearance is sure to impress buyers, and its durability adds to the value of your home. The great thing about adding or upgrading a deck is that, again, it’s not invasive to your interior home space, and it’s totally customizable. Even adding a small deck that’s big enough for a table, chairs, and a grill will improve the value of your home. 


Exterior Updates

Curb appeal is real. If you’re looking for ways to make sure your home sells quickly, and for your asking price, take a look at the exterior of your home. Do a bit of landscaping, invest in a new front door, and think about updating your siding to something like James Hardie, CertainTeed, or LP Siding.  

Even changing out your house numbers and refreshing the front step can do a lot to entice potential buyers. On average, you can expect a 95.5% return rate on exterior investments. Even better, all of the work you put into the outside of your house isn’t just working to increase your home’s value — it’s also helping you draw in potential buyers. 
Have a home improvement project on your horizon? Let the experts at Zeeland Lumber & Supply help! We’re here as a project resource for you, and we carry products from all of the brands we mentioned in this blog, like Andersen Windows and Doors, Cambria Countertops, James Hardie, and many more. For everything you need, from products to expert advice, get in touch!

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