Vinyl siding has some competition. For years, vinyl has been the top siding choice for homeowners across the country. Recently, however, a range of composite siding brands have grown in popularity. Ranging from fiber cement to engineered wood, composite siding brands offer benefits for both homeowners and contractors alike.

These composite siding options can provide the same, or even greater durability than vinyl, and are fast and easy to install. Most high-quality composite siding brands come complete with exceptional warranties, too. It’s no wonder more and more homeowners are researching and choosing composite siding for their new homes and exterior renovation projects.

If you’re looking into composite siding, it’s good to know the top brands on the market, so you can make an educated decision about which product is right for your home. Here are three of the top composite siding brands on the market, along with a few key pros and cons for each.


LP Smartside: An Engineered Wood Composite Siding

LP Smartside is relatively new to the market, especially compared to brands like James Hardie, but what it lacks in history it makes up for in durability and affordability. LP Smartside is an engineered wood composite siding, which means it’s made primarily from wood strands that are coated in wax, and bonded with resin. Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of LP Smartside:



  • An affordable composite siding brand. Compared to other composite siding brands, LP Smartside tends to be the more affordable option. While pricing does depend on your home, labor to install, and the style siding you choose, LP Smartside is generally a bit more cost-friendly than other composite sidings.
  • Easy to install. Contractors love LP Smartside because it is light and easy to install. Unlike fiber cement, which does have a reputation for being a heavier material to install, LP Smartside is lightweight and available in longer lengths than other products, which means installation can go quickly.
  • Versatile. LP Smartside is available in a vast range of colors, styles, and textures. Because the product is made from wood strands, it’s able to successfully mimic the appearance of real wood siding, a design feature that many homeowners appreciate.
  • Durable. Finally, LP Smartside is known for its ultimate durability, which LP stands behind with a 50-year limited warranty. The durability of the product is so impressive, they made a video about it. Check it out:


  • May not be covered for termite damage. If you live in a region where termites are a concern, LP Smartside’s warranty may not cover that kind of damage.
  • Installers must prime and paint edges before installation. Unlike some composite siding brands, LP Smartside is coated with color, rather than having the color run through the product. The need for painting and priming can add time to installation.
  • Warranty is prorated at year six. Though LP Smartside offers a 50-year transferable warranty, it is prorated at year six, which means that coverage will drop by 2.2 percent each year after year six, through to the end of the warranty.


James Hardie’s HardiePlank: A Fiber Cement Siding Option

James Hardie is unquestionably the top name in the market for fiber cement siding. They invented fiber cement siding more than 30 years ago, and have remained the industry authority ever since. Their composite siding is fiber cement, which means it’s a composite mix of wood pulp and cement, made to resemble natural materials ranging from wood to stone.


  • Appearance. One of the biggest positives associated with HardiePlank is the fiber cement siding’s appearance. Its unique composition means it’s able to successfully mimic the appearance and texture of a range of materials, from wood to stone, and is much more convincing than vinyl siding options.
  • Long-term color. James Hardie’s ColorStay technology means installation is quick, and the appearance of your siding is long-lasting. HardiePlank is a prefinished siding solution, which means it can be installed quickly without any painting or priming and will hold its color without fading for years to come.
  • Weather and pest-resistant. Because HardiePlank is a fiber cement material, it is exceptionally weather-resistant. It resists swelling, warping, and cracking, as well as mold damage, and because it doesn’t have the same properties as wood or vinyl, it won’t be eaten by many of the pests that plague traditional siding options.
  • Exceptional warranty. HardiePlank’s 30-year non-prorated warranty is known as one of the best in the industry. Your investment is protected for 30 years — no catches.


  • Cost. As composite siding brands go, HardiePlank is one of the more costly options. Again, your overall siding cost will depend on the size of your home, the siding style and color you choose, and who you have to complete installation, but generally, you can expect HardiePlank to cost slightly more than other composite siding brands.
  • Installation is a bit more difficult. HardiePlank is heavier than other composite siding materials, which can make installation difficult. Additionally, if the material is not installed properly, it can crack. This all contributes to a longer, more intense installation process than other composite siding brands.


Not Quite Sold on Composite Siding? Check Out QE Vesta Steel!

If you’re taking a look at different composite siding options, and just aren’t quite sure it’s right for you, we’d encourage you to check out Quality Edge’s Vesta Steel Siding. It’s perfect for the homeowner who’s looking for something that performs better than vinyl, while offering a beautiful, unique aesthetic. Quality Edge’s Vesta steel plank siding system is inspired by the classic look of shiplap, but brings that design to life with the added durability and performance of steel. Featuring handcrafted wood grain selections that provide a truly natural appearance, this is one of the best siding options on the market for both durability and design.

There is a wide range of composite siding options on the market, but if you’re looking for a brand you can trust, James Hardie, LP SmartSide, and Quality Edge’s Vesta all deliver. These brands are well-trusted in the industry and have been providing exceptional service for decades. If you’re interested in upgrading your home with composite siding, Zeeland Lumber & Supply carries all of the options mentioned above. Stop into one of our showrooms, or send us a message online for more information.

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