In the ever-evolving world of interior design, trends come and go, but some elements remain timeless. Natural wood, with its warmth, versatility, and enduring appeal, is one such element. 

As we step into the new year, the question arises: Is natural wood still in vogue, or has it been overshadowed by newer, more modern materials? We explore this topic and hear expert opinions below. 

The Timeless Allure of Natural Wood

Natural wood has never truly gone out of style. Its ability to create a sense of warmth and connection with nature makes it a perennial favorite among homeowners and designers alike. The organic textures and earthy tones of wood bring a timeless quality to any space, making it a classic choice that transcends passing fads.

Experts Speak: Natural Wood Is Here to Stay

Leading interior designers and architects unanimously agree that natural wood is far from being out of style. In fact, it continues to gain popularity as people seek to bring the outdoors in and create spaces that feel both cozy and contemporary. 

Lindsey Nichols, one of our design consultants, says, “We’re always surprised when trends come back into style so quickly, but it’s interesting this time around that people are gravitating toward cool-tone stain colors versus the warm tones we saw in the mid-late 90’s.”

4 Ideas to Incorporate More Natural Wood into Your Home

If you wish to bring some more natural wood elements into your home, there are plenty of options to do so. Below are some ideas that will never go out of style, but feel free to get creative with them and make them your own!

1. Wood Doors

Make a bold statement by choosing wooden doors with intricate detailing or a sleek, minimalist design. The versatility of wood allows it to complement various architectural styles.

natural wood doors

Some great brands to consider: 


2. Wood Cabinets

Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with wooden cabinets that exude warmth and sophistication. Opt for natural finishes or experiment with stains to match your desired aesthetic.

natural wood cabinets

Brands to consider: 


3. Wood Trim

Enhance the architectural details of your home by incorporating wood trim. From crown molding to baseboards, wood trim can add a touch of elegance and character to any room.

natural wood trim

Brands to consider: 

  • Arauco
  • Stallion
  • Metrie
  • Empire


4. Custom Wood Furniture

Invest in custom-made wooden furniture pieces that showcase the unique grain patterns and colors of different wood species. From coffee tables to bookshelves, these bespoke items can become focal points in your home.

Shop Natural Wood Finishes at Zeeland Lumber & Supply

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