We love HGTV, Pinterest, and YouTube for design inspiration and how-tos on various home improvement projects. And if you’re interested in DIY renovations, Zeeland Lumber & Supply offers quality products from well-known brands — be it siding, roofing, countertops, or cabinets. 

However, DIY isn’t the right choice for everyone or for every project. So when and why should you hire a professional installation service for your home improvement project? And what does that process look like?

Benefits of Professional Installation vs. DIY

While there are benefits to DIY installation (namely, cost savings), there are benefits to hiring a professional installer. More than just reducing the hassle of learning how to do whatever renovation you’re attempting and the work of doing it, professional installation services can save you time and give you a better result, making it well worth the price.

1. Save Time

Installation professionals will be able to complete an installation much faster than you likely can. Why? Because they have extensive experience with this specific type of installation. They’ve created systems for using their time efficiently during the installation process and know how to avoid time-consuming mistakes. 

For those of us juggling full-time jobs, family, and other obligations, we may only have time to work on home improvement projects for a few hours on the weekend, but the pros do this during the week, as their primary work focus. For urgent improvements (like installing a new exterior door in the dead of winter), a professional installation service will ensure the project is completed as quickly as possible.

2. Ensure Quality

While going the DIY route may save you money, you may also incur costly mistakes that damage your home or the product you’re installing. As mentioned in the last section, professional installers are highly skilled and experienced; they know what to do and how to do it to get the best possible result. 

Additionally, many professional home improvement installers offer a guarantee or warranty on their services and will rectify any problems that arise from the installation. Some manufacturers even require that their products be professionally installed in order to adhere to the terms of the product warranty.

Zeeland Lumber & Supply Home Improvement Services

Zeeland Lumber & Supply is proud to partner with you every step of the way for your projects. Our team and referral partners install many of our high-quality, best-in-class offerings, giving you a hassle-free home improvement experience and beautiful results.

Below are a few of the services we offer.

door fabrication and installation referrals

1. Door Fabrication & Installation Referrals

Successful interior door hanging starts with high attention to detail during fabrication. Fit and finish are key aspects we focus on in our door shop, which has a highly controlled environment to minimize errors. We can also customize hinges to meet square or radius edges. Plus, if there’s a sudden change on your job site, we’re always there to respond quickly with a new door solution that works.

We offer in-house interior door hanging services for the Jeld-Wen® doors we supply. Our team ensures correct fit and placement so that your interior doors hold up for years to come. 

Successful exterior door projects also require a high attention to detail. You need a solid overall door system, plus precise installation of accompanying components like sills and jambs. Improperly installed doors can result in uncomfortable drafts (and higher energy bills) and can interfere with secure latching.

We trust our vendor partners to hang our customers’ exterior doors with the highest level of precision. From storm doors to entry doors, patio doors, and more, we trust them to install products from: 

window selection and installation referrals

2. Window Selection & Installation Referrals

New windows can do a lot to beautify and insulate your home, but like doors, they need to be properly installed to do so well. Poorly installed windows can let in cold winter breezes or hot summer air, as well as moisture around the window, which could potentially lead to mold or other damage to the wood framing.

Zeeland Lumber & Supply carries windows in a variety of styles from well-known manufacturers like:

We’re happy to refer you to a trusted local contractor who can help with your window installation. We also stick by your side and support you throughout the entire life of your windows with product selection assistance, generous product warranties, and lifetime maintenance.

siding selection and installation referrals

3. Siding Selection & Installation Referrals

Installing siding is no joke — it’s a big project, no matter the size of your home. It’s not a one-person job or even a one-day job (unless you hire a crew of pros). Correctly installed siding is absolutely necessary to protect your home from moisture, weather, and pests, and it’s necessary for curb appeal, too. 

We offer siding in a variety of styles and colors to meet any aesthetic, from trusted brands like:

Our in-house team doesn’t have siding installation capabilities, but we do offer a lot of product selection assistance to make sure you’re getting the right product for your home. Then, you can choose your installation provider or we can recommend one from our list of trusted local partners.

roofing selection and installation referrals

4. Roofing Selection & Installation Referrals

Whether you’re afraid of heights or not, we recommend leaving most roofing jobs up to the pros. Trained installers have the skills and equipment to navigate steep pitches and inclement conditions, like Midwest winters. A new roof is an investment and not one where you want to make any mistakes, as you could compromise your safety or the integrity of the roof, potentially risking damage to your home.

While we don’t provide in-house roofing installation services, we do carry and deliver our many roofing products like traditional shingles, luxury shingles, wood shakes, and standing seam metal — all from top-name brands like GAF and CertainTeed®. Our SkyTrak lifts enable us to deliver your roofing materials right to your rooftop, ensuring a safe and efficient process to set your installers up for success.

Contact Us for Professional Home Improvement Services 

If you’re looking for home improvement services in Michigan or northern Indiana, look no further than Zeeland Lumber & Supply. We are with you every step of the way for a wide range of high-performing and luxury home improvement products, from windows and doors to siding and roofing. And for the services we don’t provide, we can find a trusted partner to help you.

Contact us to learn more about our services and offerings and get your installation project underway!

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